Professional Communications Award Winners

girl wearing a superhero mask and cape with clouds in the background
  • Past Award Winners:

    • 2018 Communicator of the Year: Karen Brofft, Lewis-Palmer Scool District 38
    • 2018 Professional Development Scholar: Bonnie Burcham, Centennial BOCES


    • 2017 Rookie of the Year: Gladis Gee, Colorado Department of Education
    • 2017 Professional Development Scholar: Sam Briggs, Widefield School District
    • 2017 Communicator of the Year: Grassroots St. Vrain


    • 2016 Rookie of the Year: Tammy Schiff, Eagle County Schools
    • 2016 Communicator of the Year: Dr. Keith Owen, Superintendent, Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8