Year-Long Sponsors and Partners

  • This year's partners are a vital part of the programming, content, and benefits that COSPRA members receive as part of their membership. Please be sure to thank these companies and their representatives for their investment in COSPRA and public education in Colorado. And, if you have business needs in your district, we encourage you to begin your search or RFP here!

Mt. Elbert Partners

  • Named after the highest Rocky Mountain peak in Colorado, these organizations are the top-level partners.

    Finalsite Logo





    Finalsite has grown to be the leader in the k12 Independent and International school vertical, serving more than 2,200 schools and over 1,200 clients world wide. Our web software, award-winning design, time-saving integrations and expert consulting services provide schools with a complete platform for telling their story online.

    Parent Square Logo

    ParentSquare is passionate about better connecting schools with families to improve student outcomes and school success. To that end, we are constantly innovating and thinking about how we can apply innovation in other areas to school-home interaction, and bring about new ways to communicate and build relationships.

    ParentSquare is the only fully unified product that engages every family with school communications and communications-based services—all the way from the district office to the classroom teacher, and all in one place.

Pikes Peak Partners

  • Named after one of the most famous Rocky Mountain peaks in Colorado, the Pikes Peak level partnership contains these amazing organizations.

    Always On Logo

    We are a K-12 focused company that provides automated customer service solutions to help schools provide better support to their school communities. Our goal is to help school districts provide equitable access to information for their entire school community, and make it easy for school communities to access critical information quickly and easily, 24/7.

    Apptegy Logo

    Thrillshare brings everything you need for school marketing and school communications together into a single mobile app. Write a story once and send it across your websitemobile app, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, and voice calls. By making it easy to share stories, you can control the conversation around your brand.

    Edlio Logo




    Edlio is your all-in-one solution for connecting school and home! Our premiere K-12 website and communication suite includes websitesmobile appsdirect and mass messagingonline school payments, and more providing an intuitive, consolidated platform for schools to communicate with their communities.

    Peachjar Logo




    Peachjar unites schools, parents, and communities in their joint mission to help children thrive. This digital communication platform streamlines school-to-home communication by distributing invaluable school updates and community resources directly to parent inboxes. Trusted by over 12 million parents and 17,500 schools nationwide, Peachjar works with over 35,000 organizations to provide opportunities to help students find their passions, build social skills, and achieve lifelong success.


    School Status Logo

    With SchoolStatus, Superintendents and other district leaders get an easy to access, real-time overview of their district without any extra work. That means that they start each school year, semester, and day with all the information necessary to make strong decisions.

    Smore Logo

    We are builders. We love creating beautiful, simple products that have positive impact on our customers and their customers. We believe in small, capable and smart teams that get things done in weeks instead of months and years. We believe in taking care of our teammates, our communities and our customers. We celebrate our wins and own our mistakes. 

    We are Smore.




Capitol Peak Sponsor

  • Named after a high and prominent mountain summit in the Elk Mountains range of the Rocky Mountains of North America.