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We help public education leaders become more effective communicators by collaborating, sharing resources and strengthening our skills in strategic communications, marketing and community engagement, among other topics.

A video montage video showing COSPRA members collaborating and networking at the 2023 Spring Conference at Coors Field in Denver.

Video credit: Dalton Sprouse

Our Mission

The Colorado School Public Relations Association (COSPRA) advocates for effective school public relations practices that support student achievement. Our mission is to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding by leading, serving and engaging the public in support of Colorado public education.

Our Vision

Our members engage in professional development to remain credible sources of advice on school communications and community relations. Educational organizations we serve view our expertise as invaluable during decision-making processes and essential when communicating those decisions. Civic conversations prompt the public to be better informed and involved in support of public education.


Speak with one clear voice on key education issues Influence education leaders to value and practice strategic communications COSPRA provides members with a forum to discuss communication and public relations challenges and issues, and an opportunity to interact with school public relations colleagues at several meetings held throughout the year.