• The COSPRA Communications Excellence Awards Program recognizes outstanding communications and public relations work by individuals, schools, school districts and educational agencies and associations. Top award winners will receive face–to–face recognition before their Board of Education. The program is designed to recognize excellence in every aspect of public relations planning, implementation and evaluation.

    It's time to submit your amazing work for the 2020 CoSPRA Communications Excellence Awards! 

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    Submissions due Friday, March 20, midnight

  • Medallion Award 

    • The Medallion Award is for comprehensive, well-planned public relations programs that address internal and external audiences with a mix of effective methods. Entries should summarize the scope of the public relations program, including goals for the program, projects, and activities and types of evaluation used to monitor success and the program results. A comprehensive public relations program is defined as the overall plan for a district, school or agency, or a plan for a specific comprehensive program. An external SPRA-chapter judges these entries. In this highly competitive award category, entries will be judged against other entries as well as the quality of programs and how well they meet the criteria. ($40 entry fee) Medallion Award Submission Information

    Golden Achievement 

    • This awards program is for projects that represent an aspect of the overall public relations program. Each entry is judged against criteria—not other entries. Criteria are explained on the award entry form. Judges will select as many winners as effectively meet the award criteria. An external SPRA-chapter judges these entries. ($40 entry fee) Golden Achievement Submission Information

    This awards program is for the entry of individual publications and electronic media productions. Districts may earn Awards of Excellence or Awards of Merit based upon scores they receive from external SPRA-chapter judges. ($25 entry fee) Publications and Electronic Media Submission Information

    The following is the complete list of categories available for the annual COSPRA awards.

  • Newspaper/Newsletter 

    • This category is for external or internal publications published regularly. At least two different issues of a newsletter/newspaper must be submitted to qualify as an entry.


    • Entries can be a single photograph or a group of photographs that have been published in print or on the Internet. Images are judged on overall quality, artistic presentation and “story-telling” effectiveness. Images cannot be over 10MB in size.

    Print/Online Advertisement 

    • Entries are accepted for printed or online advertisements that have appeared in newspapers, magazines, trade journals, billboards or other print or online media which are not published by the school or district.

    Special Purpose Publication 

    • This category is for one-time external or internal booklets, brochures, magazines, posters or other materials developed for a unique event, program, issue or other purpose.

    Special Purpose Video 

    • This category is for one-time external or internal video production developed for a unique event, program, issue or other purpose. Each entry limited to a single program, presentation or episode per entry. Video can have been distributed in any format, and is not limited to educational access broadcasting.

    Television Programming 

    • This category is for original, locally-developed and produced programs or a program series that educates, inspires or informs the audience through educational access broadcasting. (This does not include news stories broadcast on local television network affiliates.)


    • Included in this category are articles from newsletters, newspaper editorial columns, speeches, websites or other messages. Must be between 300-3,000 words in length and not student-written or professionally outsourced.
  • Annual Report 

    • Published once a year, annual reports summarize district accomplishments and meet accountability requirements set by the state.


    • This category includes publications containing a schedule of dates for school year/school activities plus general information about the school or system.


    • This category includes external or internal electronic publications published regularly.

    Finance Publications 

    • Publications considered in this category are developed to communicate and create understanding about how schools are funded, taxes, school and district uses of revenue, etc.


    • This category includes annual publications for students, teachers or parents with general information about the organization, its policies, and protocols.

    Identity/Image Package 

    • A set of identification items for consideration in this category may include a logo, graphic elements incorporated into brochures, letterhead, apparel or other materials, a marketing statement, etc. that brands a district, school, agency or organization. Entry must include three or more related pieces to qualify.

    Internet/Intranet Website 

    • Please include your website’s address on your entry form. Special purpose or short-term websites are also accepted. Intranet entries must include password or other log-in information so judges can access your site. One website per entry.

    Marketing Materials/Campaigns 

    • Include in this category materials that communicate a school or school district’s special qualities that make it appealing to potential customers or employees. Publications, videos or other electronic applications are accepted in this category.